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Tel. 610-597-2903


Insurance Licensed in: 

Pennsylvania and Texas

we do

  • Business Safety Consulting

  • Business Safety manuals

  • Insurance Audit assistance

  • On-going safety consulting

  • DOT Trucking Safety 

  • Restaurant Safety 

  • Office Safety

  • Insurance Consulting 



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Since 2019, Workers Compensation Management, LLC has been a leader in business safety solutions, safety manuals, workers compensation review, safety consulting, and insurance audit consulting. With nearly 15 years of experience, we specialize in being safety and insurance understanding to businesses:

  • retail stores

  • restaurants

  • trucking/transportation

  • construction/trade

  • landscaping

Workers Compensation Management, LLC is located in Pennsylvania and works one-on-one with its clients to help them get:


  • place proper safety procedures in place

  • help mitigate possible liabilities within their business 

  • create custom safety manuals

  • Insurance documentation review

  • Insurance audit review and dispute


We conduct direct insurance consulting in Pennsylvania and Texas, where the owner holds Insurance Licenses. The owner has a designation as a Workers Compensation Specialist. For all other States, we can draft safety manuals and conduct consulting on safety related matters.

We're in the business of safety and take it very seriously. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, and our ethos, is built off of an ethical and transparent approach. 



  • Safety Consulting:

    • DOT Trucking​

    • Landscape businesses

    • Restaurants

    • Office

    • Contracting 

    • Warehouse

  • Safety Manuals, we draft customized safety manuals for many reasons. Most of our clients need them for insurance purposes, trucking can need them to secure hauling contracts, employee safety, etc.

  • Employee handbooks, many times smaller businesses need to create an employee handbook to provide their new hires and employees with. These outline policies in place and works as the agreement between the two parties.

  • Workers Compensation audit disputes. Workers Comp can be difficult to understand. Especially for a company that has multiple employee class-codes. If the backend record keeping is not in place at the time of the policy, then an audit can result in premium being owed. We assist companies in setting this up.

  • Safety Committee programs. In Pennsylvania most business have the ability to set up a State approved safety committee. We can assist through this process. 

  • On-going safety consulting and training programs. Are you at the stage of having everything in place, but need a safety company to come in and train employees? We can assist in making sure employees are properly trained. 

  • Accident intake interview process. When an employee is injured or becomes ill. The most important thing is to document and find out what occurred. In gathering this information, a company can also understand if there is still a risk for safety to other employees, so they can correct it right away. We can conduct intake accident interviews on your employee(s). 

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