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Workers Compensation Management focuses on details. We offer nearly 15 years of knowledge and experience in the insurance and safety industry. Most businesses and owners wear multiple hats and finding the time to create a detailed safety plan, normally falls to the backburner.

Workers Compensation and Commerical Insurance Consulting: 

One of our focuses is placing another set of eyes on your commercial insurance policies, an unbiased professional at a quote or policy you have in hand. Our goal is to find any liability gaps in the coverage or recommend shopping Insurance Markets for better rates when the opportunity arises. 

Workers Compensation insurance is required in most States. It is a complex insurance. It can have multiple moving parts. Meaning, a business has a policy, but behind the scenes so many other things can result is increases in premium and safety is one of them. Typically, Workers Compensation policies are drafted and quoted, from an "estimated annual payroll", but what happens when things change through-out the year? 


When a business has growth, has changes within the policy year that are not updated to the Insurance Carrier to adjust premium, or a business that is adding more employees or a new class-code of employee(s), all these things can affect year end numbers. At the end of the year the premium paid vs what is owed can be different. We focus on assisting a business with that audit to make sure proper payroll estimations and class-codes are in place, so a business doesn't have a large expense from a negative audit (money owed at the end of the year). We try and consult at the quoting stage to make the proper adjustments up front. When we can't we have assisted with the backend insurance audit.

Business Safety Consulting:

Employee safety should be at the forefront of every business. Having those policies in place and having employees understand the rules, can be a challenge. Why? There are so many moving parts of a company, that often safety is overlooked to some degree. In our experience, it's not because a business owner(s) does not want to have proper safety in place, but rather finding the time to set up the systems for safety can be the challenge. We provide one time or on-going safety consulting for businesses, to assist them with this. 

Safety Manual & Employee Handbooks: 

Safety manuals and employee handbooks are extremely important. We have a great deal of experience in drafting these for office, DOT Trucking, restaurants, etc. Safety manuals also assist when shopping insurance, as they provide a clear direction of company policies for employees and allow a business to enforce policy violations

Safety Training:

We can provide safety training to employees and conduct mock safety walkthroughs in a business, to try and make sure that the employees are protected from safety hazards, etc. It is better to do this and correct issues, rather than having an employee contact OSHA for a possible violation(s). 

Employee accident intake interview:

When an employee becomes injured, ill, or any accident occurs. It is good to have an intake interview done to document what happened. We have programs in place, to have a 3rd party conduct these interviews and document what occurred for the business owner(s).

Business Consulting and business plans:

When a business is growing, there are a number of items on a checklist that need to be started and finished. WCM can assist in business plans, business consulting, and safety. 

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